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Legal Lasso: Domenico Goes to Washington

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DOMENICO GOES TO WASHINGTON: Colorado Solicitor General Dan Domenico argued a 26-year-old murder case before the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday. Domenico represented the state against a man convicted in the murder of a pizza shop manager in 1986. The inmate, Patrick Wood, is challenging his conviction of second-degree murder and felony murder on the grounds that two convictions for the same murder amount to double jeopardy. The U.S. Constitution protects against being tried twice for the same crime. Wood is represented by Denver-based assistant federal defender Kathleen Lord. Read the transcript here.

TO DE-ENCRYPT OR TO NOT DE-ENCRYPT? That’s the question facing the Federal District Court in Colorado, reports the Denver Post. A bank-fraud suspect ordered by a judgein Colorado to unlock her encrypted computer for federal investigators has asked the judge to reconsider. The request comes after the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, in Atlanta, ruled last week that a suspect in a case in Florida doesn’t have to unlock his computer because doing so would violate his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. In that case, according to the court’s ruling, requiring a child-pornography suspect to unlock his computer would force the suspect to, “use the contents of his mind to incriminate himself or lead the Government to evidence that would incriminate him.

WHERE DO YOUR FILES GO WHEN YOU DIE? ‘File purgatory’ illustrates booming aging bar population.

THIS WEEK, IN THE NEWS SEEN: Becky Almon of Ireland Stapleton talks business development.

FORMER DENVER PROBATE JUDGE C. JEAN STEWART will be honored Thursday at the Colorado Women’s Bar Association’s Annual Judicial Reception.

ON TAP NEXT WEEK AT THE BAR: An all-day CLE on natural resources for real estate attorneys.

RIGHTHAVEN STILL WRONGHAVEN: The Las Vegas copyright holding company may face more penalties for missing deadlines for key documents in the 10th Circuit.

BOULDER PRESSES ON AIRPORT EMINENT DOMAIN despite federal changes, reports the Daily Camera.

BILL SPONSOR WALKS OUT ON HIS OWN BILL after a partisan spat in the state House Education Committee, reports EdNews Colorado.

CHARLIE SHEEN’S EX BROOKE MUELLER IN PLEA BARGAIN TALKS for cocaine possession charge in Aspen. Mueller’s attorney: Yale Galanter of Miami, who at one time represented O.J. Simpson.

HE SAID IT: “The only people left are partners or family members who know nothing about what to do with thousands of files.” –Colorado Attorney Regulation Counsel John Gleason, on the dramatic increase in his office’s intake of inventory counsel cases, or the organizing of old files from deceased or disabled attorneys.

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