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CU Professor’s New Book: Think Hard Before Going To Law School


Controversial law school professor Paul Campos this week released his new book that aims for a slightly different goal than his usual blog posts.

The University of Colorado Law School professor is best known for his scathing critiques of the American legal education system on his blog, “Inside the Law School Scam.” His sometimes strident entries argue that law schools have used misleading employment data to lure students into paying exponentially increasing tuition rates for a degree that has diminishing value in a changing job market.

In interviews about his new book, “Don’t Go To Law School (Unless),” Campos said seeks to be less polemic and more advisory. The piece tells prospective students what schools they should consider, at what price a law degree makes economic sense and what careers interested students should pursue within the law.

“My goal was to analyze the information in the most disinterested way I could, so people could make up their own minds,” he told The National Law Journal.

The book currently is available in Kindle edition on Amazon. A print edition is expected.

To read a full interview with Campos about his new book, about the first year of his controversial blog, and what he sees as the future of legal education, read the Sept. 24 issue of Law Week Colorado.

- James Carlson,