Legal Lasso: Government Shuts Down, Reopens

COMPILED BY LAW WEEK COLORADO’S NEWS STAFF IN LOCAL NEWS: Slowing the Flow of Growth The Denver metro has a housing shortage, and a proposal for the...

Legal Lasso: A Contest for Boulder’s DA Seat

Mike Foote says he's going to run for the Boulder County DA seat regardless of who Gov. Hickenlooper appoints in the interim.

Legal Lasso: Putting Safety First for Oil and Gas

House lawmakers are moving forward with a plan to require regulators to consider the public health and the environmental effects of drilling first and foremost when reviewing permit applications.

Legal Lasso: Google and Uber Face Off

COMPILED BY LAW WEEK COLORADO’S NEWS STAFF IN LOCAL NEWS: Non-Violent Marijuana Convictions Gov. John Hickenlooper is dismissing convictions for 40 non-violent marijuana users. And he's not...

Legal Lasso: AG Race Shakeup

Michael Dougherty announced Friday that he was suspending his attorney general campaign and is instead looking to fill the district attorney position in Boulder County.

Legal Lasso: ICE Agents Seen as Unpredictable

ICE agents have more discretion in making arrests, but that also means immigration activists and lawyers are busier than ever in trying to respond.

Legal Lasso: Colorado Officials Seeking Pot Law Clarity

COMPILED BY LAW WEEK COLORADO’S NEWS STAFF IN LOCAL NEWS: Clearing Up Pot Laws Colorado officials are at the forefront of a group of officials asking Attorney...

Legal Lasso: Tancredo Drops from Governor Race

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo is dropping out of the state's gubernatorial race. According to Tancredo, he believes a lack of money would lead to him  winning the primary but not the election.

Legal Lasso: Supreme Court to Hear Drilling Case

The Colorado Supreme Court will hear a case brought by six young activists who argued that state regulators should consider health effects from oil and gas drilling.

Legal Lasso: Former GOP Chair Sentenced for Voter Fraud

Steve Curtis, the former chairman of the Colorado Republican Party was sentenced to four years of probation and 300 hours of community service for voter fraud.